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We offer telehealth services to make care more accessible to clients who have transportation or other issues that keep them from being in office.  We can perform individual counseling, couple's counseling and even attend group sessions thought telehealth.  

We use as our telehealth platform.  It is a HIPAA compliant, telemedicine platform that is safe and reliable.  The platform is low bandwidth and can operate off of most devices.  No downloads of programs.  If you'd like to learn more about, click the button below.  

Is Telehealth right for me?  

As simple as it sounds, Telehealth IS NOT right for everyone!  

This is a conversation that should be held with your clinician.  Some things to consider are:


To participate in telehealth you need to find a place where you are reasonably private.  This doesn't have to be that elaborate.  A private room where you can close the door will often work.  Some people use their car.  A car is a relatively sound proof booth that might make a good private room if you need to leave your workplace to attend session.  

Consider using earbuds!

*Telehealth can NOT be performed while driving!


While it is understood that life is not always distraction free, in order to get any benefit from your therapy session, you will need to be as distraction free as possible.  This may include asking a friend or neighbor to tend to children for your session time.  Also, don't try to multi-task.  If you're in session, be present to get your maximum benefit.  


Do your best to find a location that has good cellular signal or wi-fi.  The better the signal, the less chance for interruption and better opportunity to maximize your session.  


Don't set your alarm for 2 minutes before session.  If you're yawning and tired, you won't receive as much benefit from session.  

DO, bring a coffee, set comfortably, find a good place to set your device and be present!  This is the same level of therapy you would receive in the office.  

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